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How To Add Rustic Decorating Style To Your Home

by:Gladman      2020-09-11

Do you have old oak furniture in your house? Do you have a lamp made from a deer antler? Do you have a wrought iron wine rack? Do you have a horse blanket draped over the

back of your couch? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might have rustic style. However, if these items are just sitting by themselves in a room full of modern chrome and fiberglass furniture, or collecting dust in a corner, then you may just have clutter! So,

how do you know if your home can be decorated in that rustic style that you want? Rustic can be your whole house and lifestyle, or it can enhance an existing home style, with some simple decorating choices.

Some of the characteristics of the exteriors of rustic homes are: a split rail fence, cedar shingles, a vine covered trellis, a gravel driveway, and a pine cone wreath on the door. The terms country, primitive and Tuscan are often equated with rustic. The quintessential cabin in the woods or lakeside cottage should elicit the perfect vision of rustic decor. However, your home can have rustic decor no matter where it is if you add the right furniture, lighting, color and decorations that bring the outdoors in or give you a western or rugged feel. Changing some, or all, of the decorations in your home to add comfortable rustic style can be done gradually to suit your taste and budget.

Starting at your entryway or foyer, a whimsical or sentimental wooden sign will welcome you and your friends. Choose earthy shades of paint, in soft golds, browns, or greens for a wooden or metal prairie shelf with coat hooks. An antler light will shed a warm lighthearted glow. Nestle in a small table made out of a milk can topped with glass. And include a large old mirror with a wrought iron or barn wood frame that will reflect the rustic touches.

Focusing on the kitchen, here are a few suggestions to create a rustic style in this room. Install, or make your own, butcher block countertop. Ceiling hang or wall mount a wrought iron pot rack for your pots and pans. Hang wicker baskets on a wall. Feature a paper towel holder bearing the metal silhouette of a moose. Add an oak kitchen table with benches. Hang small woodsy pictures framed in natural wood. And display a collection of wooden spoons in an earthen crock on the counter. Use a canning jar for fresh cut flowers. All of these items can be found in your price range and in sizes to fit your kitchen.

If you want that rustic feel and appearance at your home, look for earth colors, rugged wood furniture, wrought iron, and pictures of nature. Bring in fresh wild flowers; look for items

that make you feel good. Search catalogs and online sites. Rustic style is natural and comfortable. You may already have some great rustic pieces hiding in the attic or garage!

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