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How To Alter Your House With Style And Character

by:Gladman      2020-09-13

There was no doubt the home was late Georgian but as for the front door . what was that sickening 1970s glass and plywood monstrosity? The price was right, the area was right and we had been looking for a Georgian home in this local for close to a year. yet that front door! It was quite repulsive plus ugly we nearly drove right on by without even going in to catch sight of the rest of the house. curiosity got the better of us as well as we decided to have a look and that's where it all begun

The indoors was almost as tasteless as the outside. All the doors had been replaced with flimsy modern ones plus many of the original features had been taken out. but not all. There were still some mouldings, cornices and ceiling roses that belied the house's Georgian background. Enough for us to realise its potential; enough for us to put in an offer; and enough for us to move in a few months later with sleeves rolled up at the ready.

ready for months of tough work we felt it would be a worthwhile restoration as well as the first order of business was to rip out plus tear down the horrific front door as well as replace it with a solid wood paneled door with webbed fanlight. Aware that strictly speaking brass ironmongery was not near as typical in Georgian houses as door manufacturers claim it produced a smarter look than the classical cast iron fixtures. To that end we chose a brass doorknob positioned centrally at waist height, with a door knocker above.

With the door replaced we were able to enter the house proudly as well as reflect on the work needed inside. As far as doors only two of the early inner doors remained and in comparison to plainer modern doors they were lovely and by far heavier. Clearly they could support the heavier ironmongery that would have been used at the time of ancient construction. Our aim was to have all the internal doors match as well as complement each other while reflecting the period of the home.

We located some restored hardwood doors with six panels as well as added tulip polished brass doorknobs positioned waist high. slightly out of keeping with the era they looked enormously fashionable in their unfussiness even if a little more correct for a later, Victorian decoration.

The home had a surprising assignment of cupboards (or closets, as I suppose they would have been known in their Georgian heyday) plus for these we chose mainly small, round doorknobs. However, one set of cupboards was more unusual and, because it had visible arrow-head hinges, we chose an old-fashioned fashion handle to compliment it.

It's marvelous what a difference a door makes to the look of a property indoors as well as out. When they fit in you barely notice them yet when they don't they really exasperate the nerves and look entirely false. Once in place with their alike beautiful brass doorknobs, the balance and symmetry gave the rooms a greater inspiring neoclassical personality.

Once we would have been inclined to drive right past the home but the well-groomed new old door with its polished brass doorknob as well as doorknocker now stands proud as well as welcoming to any visitor. When you step inside, despite the fact we still have much to do, the house's age and fashion is immediately visible for all to appreciate in the inner doors with uniform features as well as other accessories. A house over 200 years old deserves to be treated with respect as well as sympathy don't you think?.Redecorating your home has never been so easy.

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