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How to Avoid These Costly Mistakes Kitchen

by:Gladman      2020-09-07

Whether you're doing great kitchen renovation or moderate upgrade planning kitchen remodel can be a very stressful and challenging environment for all homes. So before you hire a contractor to pick up a hammer or to consider these valuable insider tips to help you make the best choice when dealing with its new kitchen design and avoid costly mistakes.

Do your research.

* Do your due diligence and educate yourself about what is out there in the world of design and market. There is an endless array of cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances and flooring materials in the market - and find out what works best for you.

* Grab the kitchen design magazines, and focus on kitchen and home you are drawn to the style. It does not matter if the window style, cabinet depth, or the paint color you love. Simply tear out pages and take notes to show what you love about it specifically. Is the six-burner stainless steel oven, the gorgeous French doors, or in the common kitchen layout?

* Create a file for inspiration and use this difference as a starting point. Once you know what you like you will be more crucial at the planning stage and that will save you time and money.

Resist the latest fads.

* Interior products and fads do not have a long life style - or even a new trend - which could have far-reaching effects.

* For example, the French glossy photo turquoise oven that you fall madly in love to stay in the magazine. Ask yourself: 'Do you still like that in 10 years time? Color like that as soon as the date of your kitchen - is to choose more neutral colors and timeless finishes.

* Keep all the big-ticket items such as cabinets, countertops and appliances more elegant and timeless - but up, punch the backsplash. In the case of the apple-green color you're craving payable, paint over the wall or two and install some accent pendant lights over your kitchen island to provide an infusion color you need.

Efficiency is the key.

* Design your kitchen as you're really alive, and not sacrifice function design.

* Of course your new kitchen should look impressive, but not all the input. Do the work in the kitchen.

* Your kitchen layout should be at the top of your priority list and should be designed with precision planning and attention to detail - to make every inch figures.

Do not Do It Yourself.

* I know, I know. You always hear that if you DIY you will save a lot of money.

* The reality is that the DIY projects usually take three to four times longer than a highly qualified contractor to do the job - and, ultimately, 20% for the ambitious home remodels will have to call a professional back-up - not just quit, but to repair the damage that homeowners themselves did.

# If your kitchen renovation is more than a stain, paint or re-facing existing cabinets (and it is convenient for you), then hire professionals to do the job.

The right contractor for rent.

* I highly recommend you consider hiring General Contractor (GC), when your kitchen projects are more complex than just refinishing or painting.

* If your work involves the demolition of walls, new construction, moving or adding any plumbing and electrical systems, then you really should consider hiring a general contractor. While most general contractors do a fabulous job and come highly recommended, I found there are still many unscrupulous characters out there! So be careful - get references and check your work! The last thing you want to get ripped off by a person entrusted with the delivery by the end of their dream kitchen.

* Do your best to find the right contractor for you, so all the time and money, planning, budgeting and designing your kitchen will be put into the right hands.

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