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How To Keep Electric Garage Doors In Good Shape

by:Gladman      2020-09-05

Some people consider automatic and electric garage doors as a luxury home improvement, but for those who understand its benefits, it's quite a necessity. Regardless how you see this type of garage door; it's a fact that pushing a button to roll up the garage door while inside your car is much easier and more convenient than stepping out of your car and manually rolling the heavy door yourself. However, like any other equipment in your house, regular maintenance is needed to keep this type of garage door in good condition. If you have this one in your house, and you have no idea how to maintain it, then here are the steps you should take to maintain your electric garage door in working condition.

Clean the metal garage door regularly

Using a soft brush and mild detergent soap, clean the garage door regularly to keep corrosive chemicals and dirt from totally damaging and affecting the performance of the door. Furthermore, make sure you examine springs and hinges regularly and repair problems immediately before they develop into big problems.

Regular proper cleaning will remove harmful chemicals and sediments that get trapped in your garage door, which usually affects its operation. Repainting your door both inside and out after a couple of years or so, will keep moisture from slipping through the door and minimize the chances of corrosion, which is very important for opening and closing operation.

Electric wooden garage doors also need regular thorough cleaning, every after few years or so.

Lubricate Its Moving Parts Yearly

Both metal and wooden electric garage doors have chains and springs, which make the up and down operation seamless. Lubricating vital parts such as hinges, pivot points, rollers and springs, with a light-weight spray oil at least once a year, will keep its gliding operation smooth at all times.

Have A Thorough Examination Yearly

Acquiring the services of the professionals for more thorough examination and expert advice can spot potential problems before they even start to affect the operation of the door. Furthermore, these professionals will tighten nuts, screws, and bolts in their examination, which is vital in keeping the door's movements properly.

Clean and Lubricate Tracks

Pour a concentrated but non corrosive cleaner on a cloth, and wipe it on the tracks of the garage door and clean all exposed parts carefully. Remember to remove excessive moisture. Also, make sure you only use lubricants specifically made for garage doors or with powdered graphite to ensure that rollers will remain moving smoothly and efficiently on its tracks.

Parting Tips

Yearly thorough inspection for an electric garage door is important to keep it in good working condition and spot issues before they start to become expensive problems. Electric garage doors obviously work with electricity, thus you have to be extra careful on cleaning it, and never touch exposed wires or tamper anything unless you turn it off right from its power source. If you feel you're unskilled and unequipped to do the maintenance, then call the professionals for inspections and repairs.

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