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Hurricane Shutters - Make Your House Hurricane Proof

by:Gladman      2020-09-07

Residing in Hurricane prone regions such as coastal areas that extends from Texas up to Maine, requires not only guts but also calls for taking additional precautions for your material belongings and assets. Of course, no one likes to witness damages made by hurricane so if you also do not want to witness the fury of Nature in the form of disastrous hurricane then be proactive by investing in effective covers for windows & doors which are capable of ensuring additional protection of your property & life.

Whether it is a hurricane shutter or an appropriately installed plywood, these window covers go the extra mile providing you the needed protection from strong winds, drenching rains & most importantly, from flying debris.

The thickness of a plywood cover should be about 5/8 inch thick featuring additional back end support especially for larger areas like sliding glass or French doors. Studies have shown that the damage caused by a hurricane starts through the windows, as these are the most vulnerable areas in a house. Regular windows and doors have weatherproof glass or other type of pane but these are not sufficient to bear the impact of hurricane wind and flying debris. In addition, flying debris during a hurricane can easily enter through the windows that are not hurricane proof. In order to make the windows capable of sustaining the impact of the hurricane winds and flying debris, one must install hurricane shutters.

Once you have made up your mind regarding installation of these sturdy covers for windows and doors then you need to figure out that which kind of cover would fit in your budget and requirements. For instance, it would be much better to opt for some kind of automated closing method or easy to close method for elder people. If your emphasis is on quick & easy protection of your home, then you might consider for Accordion Shutters. Steel panels are another option for those people that are more budget conscious since these are the most economical form of protection available in the market today. The drawbacks of these are their weight and effort required to put them up when a storm approaches.

Aluminum panels are a step up from steel panels since these are much lighter to carry and offer the same level of protection .some people might consider plastic films for protection but these do not offer the protection needed during a storm.

Checking a company's credentials before entrusting the task of designing coverings for your doors & windows is one of the most important things that you must pay attention to. Last but not least, a reliable & qualified hurricane shutter company should deliver a quality installation that along with quality materials will ensure that your home and loved ones are protected during high storm winds for years to come.

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