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Long Span Patio Doors

by:Gladman      2020-09-07

If you think that long span patio doors is just a new way of describing sliding glass doors that have in many areas been changed to double French Doors; in a word, you are 'wrong.' The long span patio door is totally different and cannot be installed by a do-it-yourselfer. It takes a general contractor to install the doors properly.

The reason is that they need to be installed correctly, they will not function. Period. There are two types of long span patio doors. The first is the folding type and are multi-paneled and sit on a single track. The doors fold like an accordion and disappear standing against the wall leaving the entire 8' to 24' area open. Your patio or deck becomes an extension of your home.

The second type is the multi-paneled sliding long span patio door. It slides open similar to that sliding glass door; however each panel of the door sits on its own track. The doors open side by side until they stop parallel to one another and are against the wall of the opening. One of the advantages of the sliding long span patio door it can slide into a pocket opening in the wall itself leaving the entire wall open.

The installation of both types of doors is important, but with the sliding door the installation is critical. The track itself must be plumb across the entire span. When the frame or track varies any, that may cause the doors to leak, stick, or they may not open at all.

When you are considering the long span patio door, weather plays a big part in the quality of the door itself. In warmer climates you may try to install lower quality doors, without considering the wind and heat. While colder climates should realize that snow and ice requires much heavier and more stable doors. Your contractor will know the type needed in your area.

The long span patio doors although they seem new, still bring a new standard to your home. You'll be able to stand in your kitchen and feel like you're right outside with the entire area open to you and your family. Your poolside also takes on a new mean-ing and the doors will be a safety feature as your children are close at hand and within view.

Choose your contractor carefully and be sure they are educated in the installation of your new long span doors. They should have references and check them out as well. When you see what a good job and how the doors bring the small kitchen into the great outdoors, you'll want them also.

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