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Planning Your Garden Shed With 6 Successful Steps

by:Gladman      2020-09-07

First check was to determine if the estimated size, wood materials and the location of my garden shed would pass local building codes. In some cases, building consent is only required over a certain size. My garden shed was no more than 8ft x 12ft so I did not require approval, provided it was a yard clear of the neighbors boundaries. The size I selected was ideal to manage by the first time builder as it is not too small or too ambitious.

To provide adequate lighting, I chose a large window facing the best sunshine direction. French doors were installed as they were extra wide for easier access for garden equipment. The placement of a bench in front of the window was an ideal location for starting growing my plants, and doing woodworking with plenty of light.

Before getting windows and doors made it is worth bearing in mind, if you have a building recycling depot convenient to you, to get them in perfect condition at a reduced price. Sorting through windows and doors before you buy your plans can help decide on the design elements of the garden shed you want in your garden. The shed framing can be made to fit around the windows and doors with minimal alteration to the overall plans.

Foundations can be treated wood posts dug into the ground on which the floor of the shed can be constructed of wood runners. My preference was for a concrete slab strengthened with reinforcing steel. Protruding bolts embedded in the concrete secured the bottom framing plate. The concrete slab formed a solid support for the framing firmly anchored against all climatic conditions. This style of support ensured the smooth opening of the double doors and windows.

When buying shed plans make your selection from viewing a number of properly designed plans to suit your own individuality ideas. Make sure they contain a complete materials list to allow you to work out the cost of building your shed. Plans should also provide carpentry instructions that can be followed by the first time DIY builder.

My 6 Successful Garden Shed Planning Steps are as follows:

1. Decide on the purpose of your shed to determine its ideal size taking into account what you can budget for material costs.

2. Determine the location of your shed in relation to your neighbors property and planning consents.

3. Consider the size and position of doors and windows to provide adequate access and lighting.

4. Consider buying recycled doors and windows in perfect condition to save on costs.

5. Your year round climatic conditions and soil surface can affect the type of foundation design. Your garden should be extremely stable in all weather conditions.

6. Build you shed from a variety of properly designed plans, and woodworking instructions modified to suit your ideal design elements.

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