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Reduce Garage Door Repair Expenses with Some Self-Help

by:Gladman      2020-08-27

Garage door repair is not a common concern for many people but it can get expensive if the damage requires a lot of garage door parts replacement. In order to increase safety and reduce expenses, be sure you get the right door at the beginning.

Before you buy a garage door, it's important to understand the different garage door options available, as well as the correct way of measuring your door opening to ensure an excellent fit.

Garage door materials include steel, high-density polyethylene and traditional wood styles. All of these garage door options have benefits that can make them a solid choice in differing applications. Today, the best-selling garage doors are typically made of steel. Steel doors are usually chosen for their strength and durability. Generally, garage door parts vary in cost depending on the type of door you have because garage door springs and garage door hinges for wooden ones are different from those of steel doors. The most basic steel garage doors feature an exterior steel skin with steel vertical stiles on the inside to form a door section. Offering no insulation, these doors are most appropriate for detached, unheated garages.

Maintenance of garage doors is also relatively easy and low key. Keeping a constant eye on key garage door parts like garage door springs, hinges, and rollers will save you time and money because you'll be able to anticipate when it's time to have them fixed or replaced.

Replacing garage door springs requires you to know the two types of springs: Torsion and side-mounted. The first type of garage door spring is mounted on a stationary metal shaft located above and parallel to the top of the garage door frame. They are attached on one end to a stationary plate located above the center of the door frame. The springs extend along the shaft, and work by twisting as the garage door closes by means of cables attached to each side of the lowest garage door panel. This tension makes it easier to lift the garage door from its closed position. The second type of garage door spring is a long heavy spring mounted on each side of the upper garage door track. Through the use of pulleys, they perform the same function as the torsion springs... they come under tension when the garage door is closed to make lifting the door easier.

Replacing these springs is a lot of work. You need to release the tension on the garage door springs before attempting adjustment or replacement. This is accomplished by opening the garage door as fully as possible until it hits the stop bolt on the track. Hold the garage door in this position by attaching a C-clamp to the track at a point below the lowest door roller (wheel).

This is true even if you have a garage door opener. Just because the door is open does not mean that the spring tension is fully released. Use the emergency release rope to disconnect the garage door opener from the door and push the door up as far as you can without damaging the opener.

Garage door hinges and rollers, on the other hand, are often replaced altogether. It involves unbolting the garage door hinge that holds the roller from the door panels. You might need a professional garage door repair company for this job.

A-1 Garage Door Services of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas can help you with your garage door repair needs. They also provide services like garage door installation and garage door remote programming. They are distributors of Genie Garage Door Openers as well.

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