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by:Gladman      2020-09-06

The Bi-folding doors are ideal for new buildings whatever the shape and size, these doors can be ordered to fit large industrial sized buildings but also for smaller offices or properties due to their folding format they are easy install due to their size and flexibility they can be carried through any property and simply fitted, however if your time is constrained there is also a fitting service available which can take away the hassle of the new doors for you.

Maybe your office is looking a bit drab and you fancy a change, but you can't afford to invest in a new property. Then the perfect way to change and re-invest your current office space is by inserting Bi-folding doors - they bring the outside, inside creating a completely new look and feel in the office. Natural light can flood the office or you can simply press a button and the blinds can close to create a more intimate office environment. Not only are the Bi-folding doors a fantastic way to improve the look and feel of your property but they are also ideal for recreating the way you utilise the office and improving accessibility.

The Bi-folding doors are so flexibility that you can use them inside your property. The doors could be used to create more space in an office by opening into or out of a room, they can fold to the left or the right meaning that they cause very little disturbance to the office or property whilst allowing more natural light to enter.

Concerns regarding the look and feel of the doors are natural, but you can relax! With Bi-folding doors there are various colours and designs available to suit your property; ranging from deep red timber to a lighter French door look. The doors are easy to use as they run on a free-glide system - These stainless steel wheels will remove any dust or dirt that manages to reach through the seal. The blinds are kept in the airtight gap between the double glazing; ensuring that no dust or dirt can creep through. Requiring minimum maintenance and cleaning this system is ideal for any property. Did I mention that the system is also self sealing so there are no channels on view at any time, preserving the appearance of your doors?

Obviously safety and security is key when choosing the doors to your property but you can relax and trust that the Bi-folding doors have been tested in high conditions to ensure that they are sturdy and strong enough to battle even the coldest of winters. In terms of security bi-folding doors often come with multi-point locking systems and high security hinges to ensure intruders are kept well away from your important belongings.

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