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Retro-Romantic Vacation Lodging at Yosemite

by:Gladman      2020-09-12

If you are looking to take a romantic vacation with your special someone this year, and you want to connect with nature at the same time, northern California may be just the ticket.

California had been a fully-fledged state for about a year before Yosemite was discovered. These days the park isn't quite so secluded but it's still home to some of the most stunning scenery to be found in the world. Although it can't boast the huge canyon panoramas of the Grand Canyon, or the fabulous powerful waterfalls famous at Niagara, Yosemite has something that's quite unique in that it has so many different natural environments within the one area - from amazing mountain top views, to crystal streams, natural water features, glaciers and meadowlands, Yosemite has something different to show at almost each turn in the road.

Yosemite has it all: Beautiful scenery, lavish Yosemite lodging, and if you seek them out, special offers that give you the chance to enjoy it all without breaking the bank. Whether you want to be a hiker out in the daytime wilderness with your loved one, or whether you want to snuggle together at night next to a roaring fire, Yosemite may be just what you're looking for. If you're looking for a romantic winter break, northern California has great skiing to offer to both novice and expert alike.

And when you're considering Yosemite lodging, you should consider the Hotel Charlotte, a 10 room bed & breakfast hotel on the National Register of Historic Places, just 24 miles from Yosemite National Park.

Located in the gold rush era town of Groveland, the Hotel Charlotte is home to Cafe Charlotte, a full service Groveland restaurant & bar and provides lodging close to Yosemite. Guests in Groveland enjoy the Hotel Charlotte's central location to activities, shops, library, museum, historic jail house, Mountain Sage nursery and gardens, and the (in)famous Iron Door Saloon.

You'll probably find yourself in agreement with other guests who've said, 'The Hotel Charlotte is a fun and unique hotel...The hotel is a bargain and the food is wonderful. We loved this hotel,' and 'We were traveling to Yosemite Valley and stayed in Charlotte for 2 nights. Owners and staff were very friendly, cuisine was good and hotel featured free parking and Wi-Fi access. A great place to stay if you love retro-romance style.'

Visit www.hotelcharlotte.com today to see why this charming Yosemite Bed and Breakfast Inn is the preferred choice in Groveland.

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