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The Definitive Style Guide to Wrought Iron Fences

by:Gladman      2020-08-23

While homeowners usually install fences for privacy, they often come with the unwanted side affect of reduced visibility. A wrought iron fence might not offer the same kind of privacy as a tall stockade-style wooden fence; it will, however, provide security. In addition, a wrought-iron fence imbues your property with a stately elegance that can work together with you landscaping to create a lovely-looking portrait. A wrought iron fence looks ornamental to passersby, but to potential intruders, it can be quite imposing. The points that typically line the top edge of this type of fencing are enough to deter anyone from trying to climb over. However, the intricate designs that typify these fences look attractive rather than menacing, as the points are usually incorporated into fleur-de-lis patterns, ivy, or even stars or card suits. The appearance of a wrought iron fence is as unique as the family living within. The sturdy ironwork will keep kids and pets inside without restricting their view of the rest of the neighborhood. Wrought iron also doesn't need a lot of maintenance.

In fact, a weathered appearance can often add to the beauty of wrought iron. It is easy to make simple repairs to your fence if the iron becomes corroded, and the maintenance you do can prevent much of the damage your fence may incur. You should be sure to oil any hinges or moving parts of your fence regularly. If you live in an area that is beset by inclement weather, you should apply a rustproof coating each year. If you do notice any scratched, peeling, or rusted areas, simply clean, sand, and apply a layer of wax or touch-up paint. If you are concerned about damage, you might also opt for galvanized fencing, which will be much more resistant to damage from water, salt, and debris. Aluminum fences are also available that mimic the look of wrought iron, but you may dislike the cheap appearance, and flimsier construction. Because wrought iron fencing is handcrafted, it can get very expensive as your area or aesthetic increases. If you can afford a full wrought iron fence, by all means, go for it. However, if you love the look of wrought iron, consider some of the following ways to stretch your dollar. Wrought iron looks even more attractive when used alongside brick or stone. Sections of wrought iron fencing between stone or brick pillars have an old-world charm that will bump up your home's curb appeal like you wouldn't believe.

You could also use wrought iron gates as a way to break up the rest of your fence. Or, consider surrounding your flower beds with a lovely wrought iron border that passersby could admire over a simple picket fence or split rail fence. Wrought iron has a delightful appearance that blends well with most other materials, including brick, stone, concrete, wood, and live plants. If you are blessed with many old trees or hedges, perhaps you could work them into your fencing configuration: imagine how stunning a wrought iron gate would look among perfectly cropped boxwoods, interrupted at intervals by an occasional oak or maple.

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