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Things to Remember When Choosing a Wooden Double Bed

by:Gladman      2020-09-10

Buying a new wooden double bed for your room requires careful planning. Not only are solid wood beds expensive, they also need to be chosen carefully because at the end of a tiring day, a comfortable bed that coverts your bedroom in to a cosy haven is very important. You will find that both online and offline furniture stores are full of options - teak wood bed, king size beds in contemporary styles, platform storage beds and wrought iron beds are a few of those options you can consider.

The first thing you need to decide is the size of the bed. If you live in a rented apartment, you might want to pick a queen size bed. Having just a single bedside table makes all the difference, since this is where you can install a reading lamp, store medicines and pile some bedtime reading material. If you have your own house that is quite spacious, king size beds with storage options make for an ideal choice. Based on the decor theme you have used, choose either a contemporary bed with straight lines, like the modern platform beds, or choose a solid wood bed with an elaborate headboard with carving if your decor theme is traditional.

When picking a bed, whether it is for your room or your child's room, keep in mind not only the design of the bed and comfortable sleeping size, but also the circulation space. Your bed can be placed against a wall on one side, preferably the head board. After that, you need at least 3 feet space on two sides, while one and a half feet will do on the fourth side. More circulation space is needed on the side that faces cupboards, doors and also at the footrest. Without adequate circulation space between your wooden double bed and the walls, you will keep bumping in to bed corners and door handles at night when lighting is poor.

When furnishing your guest bedroom, if lack of space is making it impossible to use a wooden double bed, opt for two wooden single bed separated by a bedside table. This increases the circulation space, as both wood beds can be set against the walls and the central walking space makes for enough room to access the beds and doors without any hindrance. If the constraint is not space but budget, cheaper plywood beds and wrought iron beds can be considered for the guest room. However, these are not a good option for the master bedroom or the child's bedroom because these beds often are creaky, make noise and aren't very comfortable to sleep in for the long run.

If you have a study room, make it more functional by installing a sofa cum bed there to accommodate more guests. These beds are highly functional; during the day time they work as perfect seating arrangement and when extra guests drop in, they can be made in to a very comfortable bed. You will also find a wide variety of leather sofa beds in the market to put in the living room itself, in case you don't have a spare bedroom.

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