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Thinking Consciously About Doors

by:Gladman      2020-09-06

Homeowners are increasingly installing interior French doors in their homes in order to add resale value to the property. French doors are designed to reflect a high end aesthetic. Many are framed with quality wood workmanship, and can be etched with a stylized design, while the glass panel allows the penetration of light to cascade into the room.

Engineered within the house properly, French doors can continue to cast ambient light into interior rooms that have little provision for sunlight. Both an artistic and sensual experience, French doors often combine a rustic value with a clean and crisp metropolitan character. French doors with complementary windows can light up a room and provide natural aesthetic appeal that is simply stunning.

When thinking about refurbishing your home, not only are French doors helping in the distribution of light, but being cognizant of other entryway and exits and the way you use space can truly make a difference in the quality of your living space. Making the most of your space may involve, for instance, the use of sliding barn doors, pocket doors or even full glass doors. Sliding mechanisms encourage a more efficient use of space since they do not take up any space in the room itself. They are also easier to open and navigate for people who are handicapped or wheelchair bound.

Using an eclectic combination of French doors, sliding doors, and room dividers can create a pleasing environment in the home that allows for an optimal use of space and light. Room dividers can create more privacy and use space in your house more efficiently. They also contribute to the overall design of your home and can reflect the same quality of design as French doors.

This is particularly important if you have a limited use of space and want to maximize its use. Some sections of your house you will likely want to be more private and cozy, less open than others, and the use of dividers can help to accomplish this. Another idea may be to implement glass partitions that are shaded so that they appear to be opaque, but light is still able to penetrate and filter through the glass, covering the entire room.

Closet doors can often take up more room than you would like, as well. Some people have found great uses for sliding barn doors, including as an alternative to bypass doors that save space but only allow access to one half of the closet at a time. Since the object of having a door on closets, the laundry room, bathrooms, possibly office space, as well as other more private areas of the house is to conceal, using non-glass materials may be more appropriate in these instances.

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