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Types of Overhead Garage Doors

by:Gladman      2020-09-04

Do you need a new Overhead Garage Door London? Need to replace an old one, or building a garage for the first time on your property?

Either way you should do plenty of research before making your choice as there are different types of overhead garage doors London.

Overhead garage doors London is the most commonly used garage door now, they are replacing the traditional swinging garage doors that used hinges or pivots to operate.

When you are deciding on which type of overhead garage door London you want, you will need to take the look, the cost and the function into account.

Currently there are three basic types of overhead garage doors London on the market; tilt-up, roll-up and sectional.

The tilt-up overhead garage door London is the oldest type and consists of a single panel that lifts into a ceiling-mounted track or pivot. The tilt-up is usually the most affordable, probably because it is the oldest type. The look is clean and simple and they normally don't require to much maintenance. However, the drawback to the tilt-up is that they are not as weather-tight or secure as the others and they need more clearance space to operate.

The roll-up overhead garage doors london are made of multiple smaller sections that join into one large door; they roll up into a tight coil when opened. The roll-up doors are the best choice for tall garage door openings and they also don't need as much ceiling space as the other two types. But because of the versatility of the roll-up and the fact that it is the best door for larger openings but still doesn't take up much space, they are the most expensive overhead garage door london. The maintenance can also be more expensive and complicated, as these doors have more parts.

Sectional units are probably the most common and are made of three or four panels that are joined by hinges and they too roll into a large coil overhead. Sectional overhead garage doors London offer the largest variety of styles and design and are generally weather-tight and durable. The sectional requires some routine maintenance and also take up more ceiling space than the roll-up.

All three type of overhead garage doors London are available with paneled or smooth finishes, they all can have glass vision lites and can be painted a variety of colors.

All three can also be operated either manually with a chain or track system, or be set up with an automatic overhead garage door London opener.

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