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Xi Axle

by:Gladman      2020-09-12

Beijing girl married early sit the husband's family car or escort, southerners called sedan.This is weddings people as symbol of legally marry.If not in litters, socially ridiculed, oneself also lead for lifelong regret.

So the car exclusively to shop, hei gong, leasing sedan, the deacons and dyed garments.Sedan four people carry, eight people carry car with GongChou surrounded, or red satin, he made there, and prepare a female guest sit green car.Ministers have umbrella, fan, gourd, tomahawk axe, such as a little before the time for the Ming and qing officials go out.JiaoFu, hand drums in its ministers and lift the long and knee green or blue with red, yellow pattern on the motley, head wear inclined large cap plugged bird points, and joy of ministers litters, exterior design.

The number of drums to ministers in pairs to get lucky.JiaoFu, hand drums, ministers and lift the spread of car hire joy, on the same day as a dominion casual, bill.

JiaoFu not only robust powerful, but well trained.Several JiaoFu unified action, speed is consistent, pace, coordination tacit understanding, even coordination, also can not quick trip to Britain don't sway, remain stable.The car JiaoFu, after sight for car body keep out, see pavement, to prevent such things happen to slip, before JiaoFu sometimes beckoned to the car.A term, between them, behind the front shout a sentence, as 'retell know'.As previously shout: 'left the door as', meaning the left front have barriers;'Right pedal empty', meaning right in front of the place has pit;'Left foot slippery', meaning the left front the ground to have ice.Be like again, front shout: 'right hand a flower', should be: 'see it behind in it, is the actual mughal right on the ground have a heap of horse manure, don't step on it.

Due to the economic conditions to marry a little different, a large scale of sedan.Small-scale person, a ride four people before thereof lift small litters, a pair of saying, a reserved, two sides gongs and drums.The scale of a car by eight big axle, former has a pair of saying two reserved, 8, gongs face drum.The bride sit a large-scale, by eight people carry the red car SongQin, starwood, female guests sit a bride escorting the carriage by green xi before thereof are: a pair of gongs deacon, bend, a pair of gongs and saying my number, a pair of large, a pair of umbrella, a pair of fan, a pair of big glasses, a pair of two mirrors, a pair of direction, a pair of, a pair of gourd tomahawk axe, a pair of speakers, two stirrups upside down, eight noodles drum.The whole team seven, eighty men, according to the sequence for two, three hundred pushes aside, advance along the street meters,;Drum, horn, large flowers, festive firecrackers symphony, does something after busy scene.

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CaiJiao: use glass bead string into wulong five chicken, adornment is in litters hanging around the top, strings of beads in size and long ears, backlit shine a light, sinar corners, and very beautiful.

Sedan: car RongHua hanging around with various GuaCai silk, ear, four corners, with a light after glass screen, hang around flowers in, colourful, glittering.

Soft surface with ChouBu embroider ChengLongFeng car: a sample, birds pay homage to the king, hang pattern such as in around, axle?Use only and embroidered cloth hanged at around, is smaller and deft, sedan chair for poor people renting.

Old wedding will (there are also in litters up transport or ship), no car, no call legally marry beginning since the song with the wedding, owing to historical development and regional differences, formed many litters common?And all YiZhang man must be in court for a day and night furnishings relatives coming ornamental.Sedan in the yard, the car was at gates, shade, exposing uncovered within a little car bottom, before a car, lamp light plane before children made 'silence', the gallows, 'avoid' brand on both sides thereof set umbrella, fan, ChuanDeng, best of luck (light), YiZhang color spectrum, etc.It was later, is ChuanDeng, candles, ablaze till dawn hair litters.

Display, family car: yingqin car, before sending to please 'fu', 'Paul star' search axle.'F', 'Paul' two star refers to the two couples qi mei, sons of RaoXi elders.When holding a mirror first found the sedan chair by candlelight before within and landings on the left and right sides according to again, reoccupy burning incense in the iron with cheese in a car with over smoked, folk?After dinner, the ChuiGuShou scattered with suona, tubas, gongs, drums Musical Instruments such as the music.Eight to sixteen lad ShaDeng hands around the turn singing, spend bridge said festive.

Pressure thereof: also called 'joab car'.Wedding day, the bridegroom to the woman, bride? Two by car sedan and, while in NvGu to go, the bridegroom to sit??To the second child car ride? Show, saying it was 'pressure car'.

Mat litters: because the time is too long car up, JiaoFu must stop litters rest, but the provisions of sedan must carry the bride falls on the prepared, if there NvGu way or in front JiaoFu can fall, thereof shall be each take off your shoes on the mat, one car, can fall the four corners of the rest, called mat axle car.

As the car stopped at the woman when sedan, the man at the door or inpatient digital QuanFu and unmarried girl, please, at any time before the car care after car, called as litters.

Placed into the car NvGu rewards: sedan, the man shall be put to offering rewards meal at the gate, then sedan to door sedan.The common saying has 2: it is awakened to the door, and please keeper provide convenience, let the car door.A woman marries polygamy is a sacrifice, rewards and then car on her ex-husband.

Play the car: the bride on car KaiLian, bath, combs before the ceremony, said 'play as the car.'

Car on the clothing: the bride car must wear clothing, the car on specific to red for pleased because of folk, so on litters garments for red cotton-padded jacket, red wadded pants, red XiuXie, red hejaab, namely is midsummer, the bride also have to wear cotton, can't give exemption.Why must wear cotton-padded clothes on the bride car?The old have passed after bride worshipped the heaven and earth, the bride fathers with their feet, not to walk by the elders such as uncle, uncle back. Do not hold

Embrace litters: also called 'back car', namely the bride, the brothers when the car back or embrace of car, feet on the shoes, brother, will set the bridge after old shoes on their feet, off the mean not her maiden soil to the husband's family to go, otherwise you'll be poor home.

Car: namely cry to cry, this is the bride married to sing when marriage ceremony activities to cry.This custom began in the zhou dynasty, this and the history of the emergence of patriarchal family LveDuoHun concerned.Due to plunder, crying marriage, marriage has produced after for customs.When an axle, say again crying litters.In modern times, the bride married must cry, and a 'cry not hair, the cry cry litters more' and 'give birth to mute' view.

Wash the car: the bride car, female domestic car since bailed bronze lavers half basin water, with a broom dips in water and sprinkle in litters Angle, meaning clean dirt, but only one horn, sprinkled triangle, with items lets the daughter go. Some soil

In litters: the bride on with a car, the body, the quilt surrounded by steady car called quilts.Meanwhile, the bride JiaoLu feet put a foot on JiaoLu to fire pressure, bless the bride car drive evil spirit of peace.

Send litters: the woman hair go after thereof, some local music without first move out, it is in this time, with the team Lian carried to marry in litters, relatives and bridesmaids escorted her pie, including bin 'YaZhen'.

When walking in car: sedan, such as the opposite way, two litters have sedan festive party meeting, double the Lord made each hold coupe, such as roadside highlands, then without highland can rob czethros, to show their preemptive doors superior to the other.There are eyeball, after the battle, both the bride contests next car belt, mutual touch again put axle respectively.

Wave axle and fibrillation on car: JiaoFu intentionally car shaking in a sedan chair or bumpy sedan chairs, make the bride agonizing XiNao for fun, as, for the bride lingering on the axle punishment.If too much, the bride will within the ashes of the car JiaoLu kicked out bowls were warned car door, lifted JiaoFu will not dare to mischief.

Connect litters: sedan chair, before the family's family arrived at the village head sent a wait.Sedan chair, namely put to rise, BaiZiBao size off firecrackers, such as carrying out meet, family size red paper, big FengShang to seal JiaoFu, small seal and ground, in door as kids rob take.

Frowsty litters: the bride to the men's doorstep by car, the husband's family, which does not open the door shut, cannot sit in bride car next car, this call 'frowsty car', also called the 'strike' si, its purpose is to: display the majesty of Cardiff door, by pressing rules mean bride's temperament, to the bride from her husband and obedience.

Play litters: when sedan to male doorstep, na, the groom had after quick-tempered the brother or a kid male holding a red paint xi plate, with two red orange, within the next bridge to the bride, please.Just then, before the bride appear, the groom must beat stepped forward, to the car door malicious a kick to the bride, the authority of the front, display husband compliance with its future.

Thank god: sedan car not to male doorstep before, the groom at the door waiting.Sedan door, the bridegroom stepped forward, to the car door incense and smartly.Roc prostrate themselves before the groom;After JuGongLi republic, the bridegroom line.Common meaning to thank all the car is not god bless the bride violation, safe arrival for the family's home.

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